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Don’t let the weather outside fool you. Spring is right around the corner, and the good weather and good fishing will be here before you know it.  We can expect our typically good run of sheepshead and redfish for the inshore folks.  For the folks that want to venture offshore. Triggerfish is supposed to reopen in March and we can add those tasty creatures to the fishbox.  While out in the gulf catching the Triggerfish you can expect to add some delicious Mingo Snapper to box, along with some fun catch and release action on Big Red Snapper. If you book one of our longer offshore trips, 8 hours or longer you also have a good chance at Grouper and Amberjack.  We are looking forward to seeing everybody back in town for spring break. Don’t forget to dress appropriately, as this time of year you can experience several different kinds of weather conditions in a single day!!! From windy, cold and wet. To hot and sunny!!! Give us a call if you have any questions about getting out on the water!!!   

Also dont count on your phone to give you the most accurate weather information.  Too often families come into town and dont bother booking a charter because they "Think" the weather will be too bad.  In most cases we fish everyday and have a really good idea what the weather is actually going to do.  We can almost always make a fun day on the water no matter the forecast.  So please, give us a call, lets figure out what trip suits you and your family best and our crew will take care of the rest.  


Thanks and Tight Lines

Capt Miles

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