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Sightfishing.  Its like hunting and fishing!!!!
So its April again and the annual Cobia migration is in full swing.  It is my favorite type of fishing and look forward to it every year.  Cobia fishing is not for everyone, but I can promise you.  Once you see and catch your first one, you'll be hooked!!!  So everyday we can possibly go, we go ride up and down the beach from Perdido Key to Destin, looking for migrating Cobia.  Youll see the fish up on the surface swimming westbound.  Sometimes youll see three or four fish or maybe just one lonely free swimmer.  Either way, once we see one, all hell breaks loose!!!  You throw a live bait or a jig in front of the cobia and try to get them to bite.  Sometimes theyll eat anything but other times Ive seen them refuse everything thrown at them.  Thats what makes this type of fishing so exciting.  Its very challenging and at the same time rewarding.  These fish average 40-50 lbs this time of year, with plenty of fish in the 60-80lb range.  Its not uncommon to catch fish upwards of 100lbs.  This is is a picture of a 64lb Cobia me and Capt Willie caught on March 31.  If you would like to try your hand at Cobia fishing.  Please give us a call or shoot us an email to reserve a date.  This type of fishing will be over by about the 1st or 2nd week of May.  After that we'll have until next spring.  See you on the water.
Until Next Time,
Capt. Miles Howell
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