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Big Bull Redfish in Pensacola Bay!!!
Its that time of year again here on the Gulf Coast.  The annual running of the bulls.  Now before you start getting out your red handkerchief and your running shoes.  Lets back up.  The bays and beaches in Pensacola, Perdido Key, and Orange Beach are taken over by huge schools of Giant Redfish.  In the state of Florida the size limit on Redfish is a slot limit.  What that means is the fish have to be between 18" and 27".  So anything bigger than 27" has to be released. These are the big breeder fish that produce the most eggs.  Most of the Redfish we find this time of year are between 36" and 45"!!!!!  Thus the term BULL.  Somedays we are able to find the fish quickly and sometime we may spent a good portion of the trip running around looking for the schools of fish.  The reason we spend so much time covering ground instead of actively fishing is simple.  Once we find them, it is non stop action.  Cast after cast with light spinning gear your almost guaranteed a hook up with one these bruisers.  If your interested in battling trophy fish on light tackle.  Then this would be the time to book.  They normally show up in mid to late October, with the peak being the entire month of November.  They are still around into December but as it gets colder and colder and the bait moves offshore.  The schools of Redfish seem to move on as well.  Thanks for reading!!!
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