Cobia, Cobia, Cobia!!!!
We’ll just when we thought it was over. We had a week of southeast wind and the fish showed up. We had a day where we saw 10 fish. Then we had another day when we saw 19 fish!!!! After several days of  zero fish sightings this was a definite moral booster.  It was non stop action one day for two and a half hours. Just as fast as we could get one to the boat, rebait and get in the tower. Here comes some more Cobia!!!! The only down side was none of these fish were large. They were nice fish. In the 20-40 pound class. But not one of the big 60-100 pound bruisers like we were hoping for. Oh well. It gave us a chance to tag and release some fish for research. So for now I’ll be counting down the days until Spring and Ling 2019!!!!  
Until Next Time
Tight Lines
Capt. Miles 
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