When everything is put on hold and you spend every waking second staring at the water!!!!
So the spring breakers have come and gone and it’s time to buy some eels and climb up in the tower.  Leave the dock about 8am. Get back about 5pm. Nothing to it right? Just ride up and down the beach until you see one. Lob an eel out there anywhere near them and your on!!! Right???....Well. Some days it’s just that easy but some days. Heck most days this year. Have been a lot of boat riding and not a lot seen. There’s been a handful of nice fish caught this year but hopefully we’ll get a late run. Water is a little on the cold side and the water temp is what make these fish show up on our beaches. Somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees is the sweet spot.  We’ve seen a few this year but nothing big. Twenty-Five to Thirty-Five pound fish is what we have to show so far. I’ll report back hopefully with some better fish stories and something bigger!!
Until Next Time. 
Tight Lines. 
Capt. Miles 
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